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12" Ghosts from the past #134702

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Release Date: June 16, 2023

While maintaining their unique sound, there’s a new direction for Vulture Industries on their fifth album, as they lean towards the dark side of hard rock. “Ghosts from the Past” was written over a long period, and in a time of big changes both in their personal lives and in the world around us. This album is somehow a mirror of this. It reflects fear of a world spinning out of control, and a sense of powerlessness in the face of a world order falling apart. Crumbling only to be replaced by old ideas fronted by autocratic warlords with no sight in mind but their own power and legacy.

 Pulling on a wide range of influences; From dust riddled Spaghetti Westerns accompanied by Ennio Morricone, past the monochrome melancholia of apocalyptic post punk, through deep valleys and steep hills shrouded in progressive darkness and a Nordic noir looking to solve the unexplained murder of the truth. Landing on something once described by a fan as “This is how Nick Cave would sound like if he made metal.”, Vulture Industries has long since established itself as something singular, yet once familiar, strangely recognizable.

With a writing and production process that was the band’s longest haul to date, for a long time they felt lost and struggling to find a sense of direction. Now, we can say it is their strongest album to date and we hope you will enjoy what is essentially a piece of their soul.

Vulture Industries "Ghosts from the past" vinyl
-Officially licensed Vulture Industries merchandise
-Comes in gatefold cover. Transparent magenta vinyl with black marbling.

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